Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Hi, I'm Lauren (previously backbehindthesetimes) - I've decided to give my blog a complete makeover so if anything's a bit 'iffy' (as my dad would say) just please bear with!

So, for my first post as 'Lippy Lauren' I thought I would come at you with a Mother's day gift guide! If you're anything like me, I need all the ideas I can get...cause no gift seems to be worthy enough for putting up with me for 23 years!

I've decided to do a few categories, Save, Spend and Splurge depending on just how much you love your mum (I joke). I'm getting my mum a fitbit this year - cause nothing quite says 'I love you mum' like a watch telling her to keep on moving just when she's finally sat down! That, and the fact she's always dropping subtle hints her's has 'had it'!

Let me know what you guys get your mum this year, I'd love to know - (personally I'd say, flowers and chocolates have got to be a failsafe surely?) after all, it's our mums who are always telling us it's the thought that counts... so yeah, maybe even just give her a day off - that would probably even go down better than any of this (and it's free)!

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